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I am so happy that you are here!

I am a CEO Diva Miracle Maker!! I am the creator of love, happiness and abundance! I have curated my life and coaching practice with deliberate intent and actions to create exactly what I want. I move from a confident place of peace, clarity, passion and joy! I attract and allow miracles to show up in my life. I am magnetic to soulful clients who want to align themselves to this same magic. I speak from love, passion and an open heart.

 Amy specializes in:


- Self Esteem, Self Love and Self Worth

- Manifestation                - Mastering Emotions

- Letting GO Process   - Happiness Mentor 

- Intuition Coaching       - Soulful Sales Coach

- Marketing Diva.             - Business Development

- Relationship and Love - Personal Growth



My life was not always this way…

It was just a few short years ago that my life was completely falling apart. My family was going through a major crisis and every move I made was from a survivor, hustling, worried, overwhelmed, fearful masculine energy.


I wanted to heal and fully step into my power….

The few things I knew during this breakdown. First thing I could recognize was that I had choices- I could choose how I wanted to see the story and play victim or this is my  opportunity to create a life I loved! The Universe was clearly speaking to me and saying, “ This is your wake up call, what are you going to do with it?” I choose to transform my life.

I truly healed, I learned to understand my emotions and more importantly what to do with them. I learned to rewire my thoughts and move differently.  I never gave up with the end goal being simple- change my world and all the people around me from an open heart, peace and love.

Coaching Was A Calling

In all the chaos, I KNEW this was all supposed to happen.  Everything had to fall completely apart to allow for a new life to happen.   Instead of being trapped in the hustle of scarcity and fear I learned to focus on my own healing work, leaning into abundance and faith. It was clear my purpose was to help others receive the same love and abundance and step into their POWER!

I used my own transformation and business background to create Amy Morgan Wellness where I am able to meet you where you are in your journey and take you further and faster than doing it on your own.

I invite you to start living a life that sets your SOUL ON FIRE!

It’s time. It’s time to liberate the shackles of the mundane mainstream and awaken your calling. It's time to break free and rise into the fullness of your power. Shake off the burden of expectations and shift.  Awaken your natural talents and share them with the world.  Reclaim your superpowers, rock your calling, and step into your highest self.

You have the power….

Through the process of rewiring your habits, thoughts and patterns you will be able to transform. Watch how opportunities completely aligned with your desires and purpose magnetically attract health, wealth & love beyond your wildest dreams!

I cannot wait to watch you thrive!

With all my love,


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“Immediately I felt comfortable opening up to Amy. She is an incredible listener and her presence is warm and compassionate. Amy took me from a negative space of anger and confusion to a place of gratitude, positivity & focus. I now have this new gained clarity that I will be forever thankful for!”

Jen P.

“Amy has a magical way of keeping me accountable, teaching me tools to change my habits and given me a whole new perspective. Amy helped me dig deep to uncover what was going on with me and how to move forward. Amy is motivating, inspirational and has a wealth of knowledge. I could never have made these changes on my own.”

Lauren S.