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Hey there!

I'm Amy!

Hi, I am Amy Morgan and I am a Certified Transformational Mindset and Business Coach.

My passion and purpose is to help busy women and coaches transform their life through a process of self-discovery. It’s time to shift those limited beliefs, let go of the past and activate your inner knowing. I will show you how to crystalize your intentions and magnetize divine opportunities. Let’s flip the script from playing small to feeling vibrant and lit- up!

I invite you to be unapologetically you. I provide a non-judgmental safe space where you can release stress and pause to listen to what your heart and body truly need. We will discover the self-sabotaging patterns that keep you stuck and help you shift into abundance. You will learn to master emotions, move out of overwhelm and leave indecision behind.

Imagine feeling confident and a deep inner peace to fully embody your genius zone. When you are in touch with this personal power you will be unstoppable. You will expand into the magic for quantum level manifestation.

Change your life to feel healthy, abundant and energized in body, mind and spirit as you align unapologetically to a life of love, prosperity and legacy that you’re here to create.

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2021 Yahoo Financial Top Coach

2023 US Insider Top Coach

What people are saying...

“Amy has a magical way of keeping me accountable, teaching me tools to change my habits and given me a whole new perspective. Amy helped me dig deep to uncover what was going on with me and how to move forward. Amy is motivating, inspirational and has a wealth of knowledge. I could never have made these changes on my own.”

Lauren S.

“I am so very grateful and thankful to you! You helped me get clear on what I what I really wanted, helping me get happy right now, instead of waiting until my circumstances got better. Your skilled questions, exercises and ability to help me reframe where I am made all the difference!”

Missy C.

“Immediately I felt comfortable opening up to Amy. She is an incredible listener and her presence is warm and compassionate. Amy took me from a negative space of anger and confusion to a place of gratitude, positivity & focus. I now have this new gained clarity that I will be forever thankful for!”

Jen P.

You Get to live a Life that takes your breath away!!

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